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Ville Du Mort - Jedward and Marie

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So DA doesn't let you change files if the extension is different o@ so have to submit a new image for :…
I had to keep the name after Miha said she couldn't have taking over the Covanent 


Name: Jedward l Marie Hafner

Race: Vampire l bound spirit

Age: appear 25 l 26, really 90 l 96

Occupation: Banker l ~~

Nationality: Tyrolean

Alliance: Covenant l Jedward

Height: 5'7 l physical form 5'4", spirit form 5'9"

Weight: 143 lbs l 0 lbs

Eye Color: Ice blue l shifting

Hair Color: Sandy brown l Sandy brown

Blood Type: -O l ~~


Soul preservation -

If Jedward kills someone he is deeply attached to, the person's spirit is bound to his physical form. Jedward is able to view them in both the physical and spirit planes. The soul of this person can only be released upon burning Jedward's physical body


Bound Spirit

Weapon: Sword and Marie l Physical form


Cunning l Swindler l Uninterested l Unfeeling

Jedward is trying to find a purpose at this stage in his life. His main interests are trying to continue the happiness of his sister, and find a use for their accumulate wealth. He thought the security of his investments would bring them the joy they both sought, but instead it left them still searching. He hates a routine and will do anything in his power to keep from repeating a day, as new things are his only form of pleasure.

In times of stress he has been seen to inflict self-harm, either through knives or slivers of sunlight, but nothing of a suicidal nature. More as an attempt to 'feel' again he decided. He best likes when his victims offer money as a means of appeasement, as he often carries a bag of coins which he will pour on his victims first if he's in a playful mood, asking if it's always been their dream to be showed with money before he moves to feed.

Developed Discontent l Protective l Detached l Mischievous

Marie has developed a hatred for the living, which often she can only curb through ritualistic haunting of unsuspecting victim homes. There are times where Marie will make Jedward sit in an ally way so she may disturb residents in the nearby houses. With this she also grows restless without the ability of touch. So there are days where she will ask to borrow Jedward's body or forcibly take it in order to just eat something as simple as an apple in order to get the sensation of touch and feel as she once had so long ago.

Her other pastime is ease dropping on those of higher status, ruining the lives of officials or just everyday people, especially if she knows the nationality belongs to two specific nations. When Jedward however is out at night, she is forced to hide in her orb form in his satchel or pass into the spirit realm, her least favorite form of travel. For this reason she liked their joining of the covenant, allowing her to pass through the hallways freely in her shape.


Marie and Jedward were the only children of a Bürgermeister family from Tyrol. Marie arrived in the year 1775 growing up to the age of 6 before her brother arrived in the year 1781. They came at a time in which Tyrol was again switching it's rule. With the invasion of Napolean in their town in 1801, their house was raided, ransacked, and their parents killed in the session while the pair were hid in the safe-room with a maid. In the middle of the night, the group took what little of value they had left and ran away. The three traveled on foot for the land that was still under Austrian rule, planning to reach someone who would give them refuge given their namesake. However the trip proved too great for Marie, and she seemed to come down with an illness as they went, growing sicker and sicker by the day. Eventually she had no strength to continue and they were left having to wait for her passing. This didn't last long, because on the second day, Marie asked the unthinkable of her brother.

Her suffering was great, and she wanted him to end it. It would be better this way she told him, it would make it easier for him. But what Jedward didn't know that night, was what would happen after he wrapped his hands around her neck, what would happen after her body stopped moving, what would happen as the last breath left her lungs, and her blood stopped. The sobbing man of 20 now, moved to close her eyes, but came to a shock screaming when a white light floated out of her body. His body locked in fear as the white light swirled in front of him, slowly forming itself into a body, and then that of his sister. At this point the maid had run back after hearing Jedward's scream, but when the woman saw the shape of Marie's spirit look to her, the woman fainted. At that Marie shifted over to her and melted into the woman's frame. Soon sitting up in the body to a shell shocked Jedward, his face whipping between that of his sisters cooling body to the maid. Marie didn't stay in the other woman for long, leaving it and disappearing into the woods. Jedward honestly had to believe he had lost it after his actions, and the maid herself just blocked it out. The two took the items of worth off of his sister's body before working to bury her as best they could in the woods. The next month was a blur for the boy, the village master over was a friend of his fathers, taking the boy and maid in after their trek. Jedward worked himself back to health before offering his services to the man, going to act as a transporter for the man's money in the time of turmoil.

His life seemed normal, and he tried to forget and move on past what he had experienced but an occasional light always seemed to catch the corner of his eye. After a year had passed, Marie appeared to him again. He woke up in a cold sweat to the ghost of his sister floating over his bed. His terror locked him up again as he watched her move to sit down. Her figure however seemed that of life, her dress was from their childhood, nothing like the first time, the disheveled sickly image that her foam could take. Soon her voice sounded and she tried to explain how she stayed on Earth instead of moving on. But when Jedward awoke the next day he thought it a dream. But each night, she woke him and spoke to him until at about a fortnight; he accepted the fate his sister had been left with.

He now continued on with his sister’s white light orb following his path, making it seem like a guardian angel. However, on his trip through the mountains in 1804, on a task to deliver his client's package he came across a woman who had a tree fallen on her in the path. He dismounted quickly, going to her aid to try and lift the tree from her. Upon kneeling next to her to see the weight of the limb he felt a powerful blow hit the side of his face. He tried to get a grasp of what was happening, but a hot burning feeling could be felt at his wrist. For Marie however, she was watching as a vampire was trying to suck the blood from her brother. Her light forming her regular shape as she watch her brother grow paler and paler. A panic growing as she moved back to the horse her brother rode on, and the anger bubbling up within her made her grow in strength, grow in power, until her hand could reach and pull the sword strapped to the horse from its sheath. She set the sword to the side of the neck of the attacker, her spirit giving off the appearance of fire around her body. Her brother was too far drained at this point, she knew that. So she gave a simple tap of the sword to the pale skin before stating that if she wanted to live, to save her brother. And that night, Jedward entered the world of the undead with his sister.

The pair traveled over Europe for the following years, learning their skills and abilities together. They worked to grow a small fortune as they went, eventually forming a bank in the growing industry of London. Their work still took them over the country, but with Marie collecting secrets for the local papers as income, and Jedward's investment knowledge they thrived. And yet...they still felt...unpleased with just them. So at that point they decided it was time to join a group, leaving their home in London for some place new, where Marie could feel free to be shown. And thus they sought invitation from the lady of the manor herself...


$ - Feeling indispensable
$ - Saving
$ - Tyrol
$ - Marie

~ - Her physical form
~ - Tyrol
~ - Seeing old people die in their sleep
~ - Gossip
~ - Jedward


$ - Italians and the French
$ - Disease
$ - War

~ - Italians and the French
~ - Humans
~ - Being messed with

Characters (c) Me
:iconville-du-mort: ~ :iconmiha-hime:

Ville Du Mort - Thoridyss by hullo-whats-that
Ville Du Mort - Thoridyss

:iconimserioussparklesplz: I'm back <3


Name: Thoridyss Bøe

Race: Human

Age: 26

Occupation: Con-artist/ Teacher for the Blind

Nationality: Swedish

Alliance: Humanity

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 137 lb

Eye Color: Dark blue – Blind (sometimes)

Hair Color: Blond

Blood Type: B+

Gift: Sensory loss

Thori is able to shift her sensory loss into another sense for a maximum of three hours or two intervals of 30 minutes a day

Her resting state is visual and no matter the time limit left, sleeping will always reset this

D4 will decide which sense is shifted to (1-smell 2-touch 3-hearing 4-taste)

Once shifting into a sense there’s no changing it until the affects wear off

Weapon:Small dagger

Personality: [Caring] [Defensive] [Fearful] [Manipulative]


Cold winters filled this blind girl’s childhood, growing up in southern Lappland. She grew up in the care of her sheep herding father, her Sami mother leaving when she was a baby. He had little hope for a suitor, so he focused on teaching her valuable trades that could help them earn money.

                When her mother revisted, three subsequent brothers were born and the now teenager realized there would soon be no room for an old maid. When her gift surfaced, she had the growing fear her family would soon see her as not only blind but also crazy. She formed a plan, and before dawn fled her childhood home. When she reached the first village, she offered her house keeping skills to anyone she met in the town but with no takers she had to keep moving. Her next few months were a trial, traveling from town to town begging for food or work.

                Eventually she was taken in by a family with children and quickly she began eavesdropping on their studies. Through bribes of food, she was able to have the children teach her their lessons, and even tricking them into teaching the alphabet and some reading. This ended when a maid snitched to the father and she was subsequently thrown out of the town. This time, when entering the next town she passed herself as a teacher of the blind. This continued as she moved between villiages and towns, sometimes even passing herself off as a cured blind woman. Claiming she could teach students to become just like her.  

                Sometimes she was figured out, chased out of town. Eventually by age 19 she had ended up in Stockholm, finding the school for the blind there and enlisting, thinking she could learn more then she already had. However basket weaving was the primary focus, after braille and moon type lessons. She did manage to learn English through her struggle with the school’s teachers. She became a show piece for the school to solicit donations from those who pitied the blind condition. She hated it.

                Just when she thought her life was becoming secure she found herself needing to get out of Sweden quick. Thoridyss found herself buying her way onto a ship for England as soon as was possible. Her next years were a repeat of the last, but this time she understood the game and she figured out how to get her way using the feelings of others to her advantage.

                After her merit spread in England, having started her footing properly this time, she found herself receiving an invitation to teach at the school for the Blind in Southern London. An offer she readily accepted…without realizing the secrets that the city held. 



Attractive voices


Expensive fabrics 



Being Displayed

Other’s touching her

Being treated lowly

A-gent 10 - Ruth McBride by hullo-whats-that
A-gent 10 - Ruth McBride

FILE *fp;
fp=fopen("c:\\test.bin", "wb");


:bulletblack: Name Ruth (Plank) McBride
:bulletblack: Rank 10
:bulletblack: Previous Rank 20, 31, 71, 101, T07, 207</i>
:bulletblack: Class Hacker Leader| Pilot
:bulletblack: Partner --
:bulletblack: Date of birth November 1st, 1990
:bulletblack: Eye Color Dark Brown
:bulletblack: Hair Color Hazel Brown
:bulletblack: Languages Full control of English and German (Formal and Pennsylvanian)
:bulletblack: Nationality Pennsylvanian Dutch

:bulletblack: Ability  Insomniac Sleep   

The ability to sleep with one brain hemisphere at a time, this allows the user to stay awake for 24/7. Sleep cycles last four hours for each side and occur in sequence. 

:bulletwhite: Advantages
->The user is alert 24/7
->Able to function while one half is sleeping
->heightened ability to multitask as a result of the brain split

:bulletwhite: Disadvantages
->The user’s body still experiences muscle fatigue and must rest their body
->Requires higher dietary intake
->When one half is asleep, tasks must be focused on what the awake side is best at
->The user is unable to be put under with anesthesia, it will only affect one side
->Can be knocked out only with blunt trauma to the head or fainting

:bulletblack: Skills/Specializations
->Extensive programming language Knowledge with 3 self created languages 
->Image and Speech processing program 
->Data collection and pattern sequencing
->Computer Engineering: Compiler and Parallel Processing designer
->Drone Piloting

:bulletblack: Weapon Fishnet Armor 

This is a complex system that is ultimately jointly controlled through [classified] and her pendant. Designed by 10 with the aid of the Engineering Department in her first years of joining, it has been adapted as time has gone on.

Arms, legs and torso
…are covered in the system that on will can close into a layered armor for protection. The armor can form into spikes on the arms and legs. This can be used for offensive maneuver if absolutely needed. 
Likewise, in this state it can also deploy an under layer of foam like material that helps absorb shock and forces to the body 
The system also has a function to shock 10’s muscles awake if she needs it.

Gloves are outfitted with an exoskeleton that if she grows too tired to move her hands can be used to manually control her fingers. 

This acts as her main computer, projecting her holograms and collecting her data. She has 24/7 access to agencies feeds and keeps SAM updated on tasks on here. The system routes back to her personal server as a backup method.

:bulletblack: Personality
| shrewd | serious | manipulative | clever | teasing | 

Though she has a small frame, this woman is not someone that gives you an easy going feeling upon your first meeting. Her face stays flat, her voice monotone, and you won’t really know what mood she’s giving off other than an apparent boredom. 

To those of her class she might not be a motherly figure, but more of a domineering force. She works hard to bring the best out of those in her field and “Tough Love” is her favorite medicine of choice. Those who have had her personally as mentor can attest that even though she may not sugar coat her words, she gives praise when it is earned. 

This kept in mind; she still isn’t too grown up to play tricks on unsuspecting victims, having a few favorite targets in the lot to work with. 

On the field everything from this agent is expected to go picture perfect. Otherwise a colleague might get an earful depending on the wrongdoing of the event. She has high expectations of both herself and others, and her actions will show this.

:bulletblack: History

She was born into an Amish community in Pennsylvania..When her ability started to surface at a young age her parents dropped her off at a Church to have her escape the mistreatment of some of the radically religious community members. The child was put into Foster care at age 10, thinking herself abandoned for lack of interest from her parents. Ruth did not understand that her slow development of her ability was the cause. It wasn’t until she was beginning to be reprimanded by her foster parents that she realized she had to pretend ‘sleep’ as the other children did. At age 12 the records state that she was adopted into a large family by urge of the daughter who had befriended Ruth in school. The family was far from rich but they accepted her in to the household despite this. One night Ruth over heard her adoptive parents talking about the unpaid bills and having to pick up extra jobs. This was her turning point. She started looking up anything she could on computers. By age 13 and ½ she had a small computer repair and programming gig to pull in extra money. One night an angry Ex-girlfriend asked Ruth to hack into her boyfriend’s computer. Saying she’d pay a substantial amount of money, Ruth accepted and turned to the illegal side of technology. Her adoptive parents just figured the money was coming from the business. But they never spent a penny of her money as it had been placing it in a savings account for her future. 

At the age of 15, she had established a cell of hackers that would supply information for competing companies. Often enough they were actually employed by both sides. However her prosper soon spiraled downhill at age 16 when she attempted hacking a government computer for personal reasons. One of her ‘employees’ had tampered with her job, so once she broke the firewall her ip address was flashed on the victim’s screen. She had been using an internet café and even after ditching the computer the chase ran to the front door of her home. But the FBI was not the only ones there for her. A man in a white coat gave her the option to come with him instead, to which she readily agreed to avoid her other options.

2006 – 2014
Ruth has been a part of HQ2 since her induction at age 16 . She was often enough found in the mechbay tampering with the other class’ belongings and helping with designs as well as programming the technology. She would send any money she gets to her family still, promising that it’s legal. It was in the Agency that she started experimenting on herself such as [Classified].

After her transfer to HQ01, this agent quickly climbed the ranks as her skills were realized. Eventually landing her as second in command of the class and then finally as the hacker leader.

Following the certain downfall of HQ01, the recent Class leader found herself stuck in a struggle of both trying to mend her class along with guiding them through their operations on base. Her body was weak from the lack of food and she soon found herself reaching a state of paranoia up to the end of the base’s days. Upon the escape from HQ01, she relocated to HQ05 firstly for rehabilitation for her malnourishment. After a month’s time of physical therapy, she began to dabble further into the Engineering Class, choosing it initially for her second class. She used the second class as a form of distraction while she recovered her weight back, inventing things for the base. 

As the medbay cleared her, she shifted back into the groove of training her class and reorganizing the members as well as giving herself smaller fields to focus on. She shifted bases, lining up with Agent 13 once again.

After the mission in August of 2015, 10 found herself experiencing 'nightmares' in her daily life, which manifested as daydreaming. The point in which she found herself pinching her limbs to stay awake, was when she went in for counseling due to the images of the mission as well as the previous things she'd seen. The day terrors dwindled as she went on before clearing up completely. She continued therapy sessions for safe measure as well as going after graphic images surface in missions there on out. 

In late 2016, she began assigning workloads to the hacker class agents for the development of an A.I. system upon request of the other Top Tens. This action took a majority of the agents' time and she found herself slowly losing interest in her chosen second class. In the beginning of 2017 she made the drastic shift to start training for pilots, something fresh and new to her. The first months were rigorous, both working with the piloting simulators as well as the engineers to modify her armor to help with the forces of flight. 

As the year went by the agent shifted calmly into her responsibilities and new training, still making sure to raise hell for her trainees and agents when needed. With the move to Alpha HQ, the woman moved in with Agent 13 or rather he moved in with her. 

:bulletblack: Trivia
 ->Can 'speak' binary
->Hates 'squishy' foods
->You can tell if one of her hemispheres is asleep due to the reaction time of an eye being slower
->Is not allowed to use matches by Agent 13's decree  

Medical Information

:bulletblack:Height 5'3"
:bulletblack: Weight 108
:bulletblack: Blood Type O-
:bulletblack: Allergies
:bulletblack: Scar meme
-Brand mark on back
:bulletblack: Procedures Done
:bulletblack: To Take into Consideration; Ability 
->Always go under the assumption she is awake, even if eye lids are shut
->Make anesthesia choices with the knowledge the patient will still be awake through the procedure 
:bulletblack: Other
->Has received consoling in 2015-2017 for nightmares due to images seen in the last few years
:bulletblack: Phobias

:icona-gents: run by :icontomokou: :icondeath-by-papercuts: :iconyukikou-chan: :iconresistancegirl11: and me
character is mine
The shoulder sprite - SAM and template is from :icontomokou:

Hey guys~

recently I've been looking at my sketch work and it's getting to a level I'm actually feeling comfortable with. For this reason I started tossing the idea of possibly opening up for commissions. It would most likely only start with 2 dimensional sketch images with shading varying from a head shot, waist up and full body. 

These are the two most recent examples of my work:

Thori example amg ignore this by hullo-whats-thatEnebish Sketchomg ignorethis too by hullo-whats-that

If I were to open I would put up formal sketches (not taken with my phone's camera) in that journal

I just wanted opinions on whether there would be actual interest if I were to open or not. my prices will probably range from $5-$20 USD (done through Paypal) and that can be compounded if it involves more characters. If requested I'm open to do a full fledged digital piece but that would be something specifically requested on the side that we would have to negotiate. 

Let me know if there's interest for this, and if so I'll actually put a formal commission journal up this and if there's any advise someone wants to give me for commissioning feel free to note me on DA.

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